A New Vision For The Auditor’s Office

North Carolinians deserve a State Auditor who leads with integrity, transparency, and a focus on accountability— someone who is beholden to the people, not special interests, partisan extremism or bias.

The North Carolina State Auditor is the state’s independent watchdog, charged with identifying wasteful government spending and ensuring federal and legislative funds get to the people and places that need it most.

It’s important that the Office of the State Auditor (OSA) conduct unbiased and irrefutable audits and investigative reports irrespective of party affiliation or political leanings. Jessica is determined to restore the public’s trust in OSA and do her job to follow the money—not a moment or headlines. During her time as State Auditor she has:

  • Delivered on performing impactful audits and investigative reports exposing hundreds of thousands of fraud, waste and abuse of taxpayer dollars.
  • Refocused OSA’s efforts and put a spotlight on services and programs impacting our most vulnerable residents, including seniors, people with disabilities, veterans, youth, and underserved communities.
  • Issued the annual Statewide Single Audit of federal funds received by the state for fiscal year 2023. North Carolina spent $35 billion in federal awards distributed to 618 programs managed by 103 different state entities, including the university and community college systems. The audit identified 15 separate opportunities for improvement so that moving forward the state can be better stewards of taxpayer dollars and resources.
  • Worked collaboratively with State Auditors from across the country, agency secretaries across North Carolina’s government, leaders of the UNC system including college presidents and internal auditors to support our shared goals of more effective and efficient government spending.
  • Implemented efforts to recruit and retain the best talent for the Office of the State Auditor during a time of high vacancy rates across state government.


Accountability means making every action answerable to the people, rooting every decision in genuine care for fellow North Carolinians and aiming to improve lives. 

Jessica believes that to hold others accountable, OSA must first exemplify accountability. This means implementing and maintaining clear, well-documented internal processes to hold OSA accountable for being good stewards of tax dollars both internally and externally. 

For example, Jessica has vowed not to use a state issued vehicle for personal use and has declined a state issued credit card, going through the reimbursement process for expenses as would any other state employee. 

OSA’s example of rigorous self-examination and assessments to improve protocols, audits, and investigative reports reinforces the importance of accountability across all state agencies and government entities.


Integrity means upholding the highest standards of honesty, trustworthiness and ethics and releasing audits and investigative reports that are unbiased and grounded in irrefutable facts.  

Jessica is committed to leading the OSA with integrity by fostering an internal and external culture of respect, public service and excellence. 

Under Jessica’s leadership, OSA will uphold integrity as a core value and ensure audit and report findings are supported by facts and thorough analysis.


Transparency means promoting open and clear communication and collaboration amongst state agencies and stakeholders to ensure informed decision making and good governance.

Transparency, under Jessica’s leadership is more than a policy—it is a promise to North Carolinians. Audits and reports must offer clear insights and meaningful recommendations to improve government services. 

Transparent governance requires internal assessments and external collaboration with other state agencies and entities, alongside local governments as a member of the Local Government Commission, and fostering better relationships with elected and community leaders and stakeholders.

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